Basic Information

Title: Loopholes

Sizes: 50cm by 60cm

Materials: Silk Gloss Paint, Cotton Canvas

Made: 15/12/2015

Availability: 200,- (excl.)



An abstract painting about how loopholes can be used to get around a difficulty. In case of the painting, the loopholes can be used to get from the bottom to a higher level or position.


Background Story

I came up with the concept of loopholes when I was working on the digitization of the holy way. I stretched the painting, made it smaller, mirrored it and gave it some other colors.

I came up with the title of loopholes as i was checking the internet for synonyms for holes. Loophole fitted the painting pretty well as the difficulty to get on a higher level is avoided easily by following the path from the bottom to the top trough the holes.


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