Box Office?


Basic Information

Title: Box Office?

Size: 60cm by 50cm

Materials: Silk Gloss Paint, Cotton Canvas

Made: 12/07/2015

Availability: ‚ā¨100,- (excl. shipping costs) 



The painting shows a structure as if it's a building. This structure could be an office. The painting also shows a box. Could it be a Box Office?


Background Story

After finishing the work of The Holy Way I went on holiday to Greece. As I didn't have any other sketches of impossible figures i decided to bring a sketchbook with me. In the morning when I was awake and my friends weren't I sketched a few impossible figures. Box Office was the second sketch I made in Greece trying to explore impossible figures.

When I came back from Greece I had received a lot of positive replies on The Holy Way. The strength of coloring made me use the same colors again. I started the structure painting it blue, yellow and green again with some black on the top. When I finished it I wanted to name the painting Office. However, I noticed that the painting wasn't as strong as the last one. I also discovered that I've created a small box behind the Office. I decided to paint this box purple and red and changed the name into Box Office?