Basic Information

Title: Essence

Sizes: 50cm by 50cm

Materials: Acrylic Paint, Cotton Canvas

Made: 25/02/2017




Essence is about the essence of life.

When a specie want to survive they have to reproduce. In this painting you therefor see two figures connected by love creating one new figure combined out of elements of both figures.

Furthermore the painting is a reference to the symbolism of the yin yang symbol. The yin yang symbol is a symbol that describes how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one other. For example love and hate, you wouldn't know what love is if you can't compare it. So love needs hate to exist to get meaning. This makes life what it is.

In my painting I tried to refer to this symbolism by using black and white which  are set opposite from each other. At the same time are bounded and interrelated symbolized by the figure you can see from the front.

In my painting I've used more paint for the eyes. 1 as it is a reference to the seeds in the yin yang symbol. 2; because I want people to use these eyes as a mirror as I want people to see behind things.

The heart shape is impossible. I did this as I want people to see behind things. It is only impossible because you brain is programmed to make the heart a 3d image. But when you put more taught in it, the heart is nothing more then a 2d image on canvas made out of acrylic paint. Furthermore I used the impossibility of the heart as a symbol for the interrelation between contrasts as there interrelation seems to be impossible but isn't.


Background Story

I can't really say anything about the background story. I would need multiple hours/pages to describe were everything was coming from. This would not only take to much time, it would probably also not completely accurate and is probably also not that interesting. The painting and its message are the most important.



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