Heart to Believe


Basic Information

Title: Heart to Believe

Sizes: 60cm by 50cm

Materials: Silk Gloss Paint, Cotton Canvas

Made: 29/03/2017

Availability: 200,- (excl. shipping costs)



The painting is about my current perception on impossible figures. It's about how I felt in love with the impossible perspective and how I finally start to get how it works. This makes me happy as I know it will lead to more complex paintings in the future.


Background Story

After making the painting Essence I experimented a bit with hearts. The heart form could be used as a head which i Already did in an earlier painting. A heart underneath could be used as a body and the lowest heart could be used as legs. When adding them together and stretching the hearts out a little bit it starts to look as if the figure is very pleased with something .Folding the hands and feet together and trying to put the shoulders a bit higher to strengthen the body. 

The present in the painting has a double meaning. First it's a gift. It's a gift to see what's possible although it seems impossible at first insight, and be delighted by that insight. Second it's about present is about a state of time. At this moment I finally start to understand how the impossible perspective works which will lead to more difficult and complicated art in the future. Something which i'm very exited about.


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