nEUROtic Crisis


Basic Information

Title: nEUROtic Crisis

Sizes: 50cm by 60cm

Materials: Silk Gloss Paint, Cotton Canvas

Made: 31/07/2015

Availability: ‚ā¨100,- (excl. shipping costs)



During the Euro crisis in Greece (2015) there seemed to be a lot of neurotic behavior in policy making. This painting therefor shows a Greek temple in Greek colors and a dark underground as crisis are usually dark and stormy.


Background Story

When I was in Greece the economic crisis of Greece didn't seem as striking as the policians and media in other countries made it. To me it seemed like Europe was stressed out to much. On the other hand you could see and feel that the economy and society had to be reformed. A lot of things were very ineffective. A greek lady even told me the metaphore that people working for government used to kill flies. With both parties almost not giving in it released a lot of stress and politicians and media seemed to be behaving rather neurotic because of that. That's why I asked myself if it wasn't more a neurotic instead of a euro crisis.

For the painting I created an ancient Greek temple. I colored it blue and white as those colors are used in their flag. The temple is very bright and looks calm almost as if the sun is still shining. This represents the behavior of the Greek government during the crisis. On the other hand we can see a stormy black and purple underground. This represent the European society who is putting pressure on the Greek government to act. In the temple there are several purple spots as well, to represent that the crisis is slightly blowing through and influencing the Greek society.