;p-Art 1


Basic Information

Title: ;p-Art 1

Sizes: 60cm by 50cm

Materials: Silk Gloss Paint, Cotton Canvas

Made: 07/12/2015

Availability: €100,- (excl. shipping costs)



;p-Art 1 is the first painting in a row of art including the letter P. It is also a painting that incorporates humor, so you shouldn't take it to serious.


Background Story

When I made the letters for my business card, I figured out I could do much more with letters. I liked the word part a lot because if you break it up, you can break it into P and Art. I thought it was funny to make a painting about it. Especially as there is a lack of self-deprecation and humor in the art world. Also artist shouldn't take themselves to serious sometimes. That's why I also included the ; in front of the title. As the combination of ;p make the emoticon that tries to describe the fact that you shouldn't take it to serious.

The inspiration of making the P crossing a big black hole I got from Oscar Reutersvärd's series of window's in the floor.