Trapped in Space


Basic Information

Title: Trapped in Space

Sizes: 50cm by 50cm

Materials: Silk Gloss Paint, Cotton Canvas

Made: 13/08/2015

Availability: ‚ā¨100,- (excl. shipping costs)



The painting shows a lot of stairs circling around a large black space. In the dutch language the word stairs is called trap. And a trap that's what it seems to be. It seems that if you would walk on this stairs that you would be trapped in space forever.


Background Story

In Starcase I experimented with impossible stairs. I wanted to explore the possibilities of the impossible stairs a bit further. I tried to reorder the stairs in different possitions. 

After I made the sketch I decided that the inner part was to busy so I left it out. Instead of that I made it a large black space. Now the focus turns to the stairs around the back space.