Tree Dimensional: Spring


Basic Information

Title: Tree Dimensional: Spring

Sizes: 60cm by 50cm

Materials: Silk Gloss Paint, Cotton Canvas

Made: 18/07/2015

Availability: ‚ā¨100,- (excl. shipping costs)



A serie of 4 abstract paintings showing a three dimenionsal tree in all the different seasons; winter, spring, summer and autumn.


Background Story

During my vacation in Greece we've bin on a trip in a small tour train. We passed a lot of olive and orange trees. Especially the olive trees took my attention white there light green colors. When we went to our vacation appartment later that day I sketched the tree.

When I came back from Greece I still wanted to make the tree. However why make only one tree? I could make abstract paintings of all kinds of trees with the sketch I made in Greece. Why not make a tree for all seasons, so I did.

For spring I used a little bit of a darker blue as it shouldn't be as bright as summer and I used yellow to symbolize the blossoms.