Exhibition: Thinking Outside The Box



In my exhibition Thinking Outside the Box I played around with the concept of out of the box thinking, by thinking outside and inside the box at the same time. To do so I mixed 4 aspects together: the place, my paintings, texts/stand up and the music.



The Place (De Doos) & My Paintings:

I made my first 3D painting on a wall in de doos in summer 2014. It was called Thinking Outside the box. A year later in 2015 I made the same painting again on canvas. Both the wallpainting and the canvas painting are included in the exhibition.

The Place (De Doos) & My Texts/stand up

I did my first stand up in de Doos during an open mic in 2015. As it was new for me at that time it can be described as out of the box thinking.

Second, the combination of thinking outside the box and bringing the exhibition back in De Doos (The Box) is quite hilarious and absurd. In my opening of the exhibition I also tried to rely to that absurdism. I finished with some jokes relating to some drinks.

The Place (De Doos) & The Music

The Doos feels like my house and/or my base. And as a like house and base, house music was the obvious choice for the end of the evening.

Music also includes bars. And that's great as the common room de Doos has a bar as well.

My Paintings & My Texts/stand up

All my paintings in this exhibition have the form of a box. Two of them are even called Thinking outside the box, which i tried to to by putting them in another perspective as part of larger concept.

My Paintings & The Music

One of my paintings, called music box is referring to ADE the biggest dance event in the world. ADE  has introduced me to great house music.

My Texts/stand up & The Music

I already mentioned the house and base relation with the house music. I also combined some notes together: the comical and the musical once. Lastly, in music you can find bars, you can also find music in bars.


The Texts/standup


The Paintings

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