Exposition: Weesperflat 50



A participation in an exposition about 50 years of Weesperflat. The oldest student campusflat in the Netherlands


Introduction Box

For the exposition I have made the introduction box. The intoduction box is an abstract version of the Weesperflat, that incorporates the map of the exposition boxes.



The exposition place consist out of twelve boxes in two parallel layers of 6 horizontal boxes. In the first box we wanted to make a map in which each separate box should be outlined. 

As the exposition is about the creativity of the Weesperflat and it's (former) inhabitants I wanted the flat to be prominent in the map as well. Therefore I've tried to make an abstract version of the flat in which the exposition map should be incorporated.

The flat consist out of several (former) public spaces. On the ground floor, on the 4th, and on the top floor large common areas were created by the architect. I've accentuated those (former) public areas with red colors as colors of socialism and as red was already a prominent color in the rest of our pr material.

The 1st till the 3th and the 5th to the 7th floor are basically two large rows of student housing. As the boxes themselves were also separated in two rows this was perfect.

Now i had two rows in which i could put 6 columns, I still wasn't that happy with it. The outline in each box would be to massive. Therefor i decided to split up every box in three parts, according to the three floors of the flat it was related to. On the top floor of each floor I made space for a picture. The middle floor was made for some text. The lowest row was an empty one.

The flat also has a part that sticks out. I've used this one to give an introduction for the whole exhibition.


Painting: Hallillusion



For the 50 year anniversary of the Weesperflat I wanted to make a hallway with an impossible staircase. As it's also the last painting I made in my student room in the Weesperflat I wanted the pictures on either side of the hall to be miniature versions of paintings I've made in the Weesperflat. However I choose not to as; 1. I wanted the focus to be on the staircase. A divers colors scheme in the paintings would have changed the focus towards the paintings. 2. Some paintings were to difficult to paint in such as small picture as they'll lose perspective and meaning when the have to be painted in such small details. 3.Lack of time.  Instead of miniature paintings I've chosen for impossible elements I've used in my work during my Weesperflat period.