Hijack, with a Smile


After the hijack selfie social media exploded. We’ve an exclusive interview with the responsible terrorist.

Hey ben how are you doing

Hijack. I’m fine, how you’re doing

I’m fine. How does it feel to be in the picture?

I feel great. I always wanted to be a sexbomb and shake things up a little.

We’ve heard you’re in America right now. In which state are you exactly?

I’m in the state of emotional distress and mental illness.


Although I’m happy with the picture I wonder how the picture would have looked like with a fisheye camera.

Isn’t that a bit selfish?

Yes, but that’s the effect I was looking for.

Have you talked with the guy?

Yes, I wanted to check out his belt. I’ve told him his belt was the bomb. Then I told him that I would love to have a belt like that, but that I couldn't as I just ate a lot and felt I was going to explode.

And did he say anything back.

No he played plane stupid.