Hitch Cocktales


Rebecca Topaz the notorious, young and innocent police officer, found out in 39 steps that there was some trouble with Harry the foreign correspondent . Harry Elstree was a rich and strangeman who always drunk lots of champagne in the Pleasure Garden, before he went downhill to meet Mary Manxman in the Jamaica Inn, were they used to dance some waltzes from Vienna as they weren’t stage fright. One day Harry got some blackmail as they had stolen the ring he got from Mary. Under Capricorn he read that it would be an important day for him. So Harry made an appointment and he went to platform number seventeen to catch a thief, to catch the man who new too much. On the platform Harry got some suspicion that he was not alone. When Harry watched through a rear window he saw two suspicious strangers on a train . As a secret agent he followed these Mr. and Mrs. Smith , until the lady vanishes. Harry went psycho and grabbed a rope of a torn curtain. Murder! Unfortunately it was the wrong man. It wasn’t Mr. Smith he killed, it was his mate Marnie Paradine who wrote the story; The Lodger a Story of the London Fog , about his work on a lifeboat. Marnie was supposed to go north by northwest this weekend to watch the birds, especially the mountain Eagle. Harry was spellbound, went vertigo, he couldn’t believe what he had done and decided to dial m for murder . “Elstree calling,” Harry said, “I confess.” Officers Juno and the Paycock came over to check what was wrong. Harry explained: “I had this frenzy of rage as there’s a man who new to much  who tries to sabotage my life over my easy virtue with that farmer’s wife Mary. I thought this was the saboteur and did a kind of skin game. If I step out my shadow of doubt I think it’s all a family plot.” After this explanation Rebecca arrived, took it over and finally solved the Paradine case.